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Friday, December 13, 2013

North East Book Fair 2013 latest news and views

     Few days back I called upon an old friend who happens to be in constant touch with the grapevine and  coincidentally a freelance writer. She told me that she is busy at the press. So instead of speculating what she is doing at the press in the evening I waited till she cleared the air late in the eveing. She told me that she was busy with her book to be published in the upcoming North East Bookfair 2013-14.
It is good news definitely since she has been writing in many publications for a few years now and it is always a great thing to get ones name in the Title page of a book! But the last Guwahati book fair I have attended somehow dampened the spirit because there is a huge increase in the number of publication aiming to unveil their efforts targeting the book fair season. In fact the quality is seen taking a backseat leaving space for quantity in case of book publishing. Anyways, increase of book publication is a catching phenomenon  all over the world   including our India. In a way we are happy to be a part of the global phenomenon, notwithstanding the fact the electronic media is reducing the space for print media very fast.

  In any ways, 15th North East Book Fair is ready to be unveiled this year. The Book fair will be commencing from 25th December 2013 and will continue till 5th January 2014.This Book fair will be organized by All Assam Publishers and Book Sellers Association. Since the association has ties with Federation of Indian Publishers New Delhi and Publishers and Book sellers Guild Kolkata visitors can expect national level book publishers and sellers in the Book fair which will cater to the palates of book lovers. This was definitely a setback  in the Guwahati Book Fair and literary Festival.

We attended the Guwahati Book Fair and literary Festival held from 4th to 17th November 2013 and was unaware of the fact that now a days we have two grand book festival in Guwahati. The November book fair and lieterary festival was organized by Asom Prakashan Parishad and sponsored by Govt of Assam. However, though both book fair have their unique charm it would be better for us to have one great book fair experience at the year end to fulfill all our book-wishes!

This year North East Book fair has published a tentative list of invitees among which we can find names like Saji N Karun, Actor Suhasini Muley, Author Vikram Sampath director Jahnu Baruah etc. Visitors may visit the North East Book Fair official website and see the schedule of the Book Fair in details.

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