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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mereng latest Assamese novel by Anuradha Sharma Pujari

Assamese novel Mereng cover page image
          Anuradha Sharma Pujari's latest contribution to Assamese lietrature is Mereng, a novel based on
a life of Assamese woman who lead a successful career despite many ups and downs in life. Mereng is in fact the life of  Indira Miri, one of the torch bearer of education in the North Eastern states during British era. It is about that time when education was something far away from the the lives of people who lived
in the remote areas of Assam and North East. There were no trace of roads to connect those people. Indira Miri led the team of a teacher who sacrificed the comfortable life at Assam and tried to spread education and awareness among those people. Indira Miri was educated at Scotish Church College of kolkata and Edinburgh University of Scotland. With that qualification she could easily get a comfortable life and well paid job at Shillong or Guwahati but she had chosen the off track which needed unique courage and will-power. 

          Indira Miri was the wife of first Forest Conservator of Kaziranga National Park Mahichandra Miri, who could put Kaziranga at the esteemed place in the world map at which it is standing now. He died at a young age, but Indira Miri despite all the odds of life could rear her children and society with forte.

           Anuradha Sharma Pujari, without doubt has paid the best homage ever to this great Assamese lady Indira Miri. Anuradha Sharma Pujari herself felt great respect to Indira Miri, known as Mereng which she translated into this great work of art, the novel named Mereng. Mereng is the result of intense love and in-depth research of the period which she belonged too, and the society and culture of that period.

About the Assamese novel Mereng

 The experience of reading this Assamese novel is great, for its lucid language, the light on unknown areas of the history of Assam, lesser known facts about the formation of Assamese as a nation, description of Assamese society and so on. The author has great control over the language which is clear from the line of control she maintains throughout the novel. As readers we feel  that Mereng writer has never tried to cash in on explicit    description of otherwise potential situations where it was but natural to do so for for a writer trying to grab market. Lover and sensuality is very so aesthetically presented that it seems to be the writer's responsibility to guard privacy of her characters.  Well, this is well expected from a writer of her stature. 

Mereng is published by Ananta Hajarika on behalf of  Banalata Prakashan of Assam. You have choices of both the hardcover as well as paperback binding versions of the Mereng at a price of 220 and 200 respectively. Published firt time on Dec 2010, Mereng is running on the market at its third edition.

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