From Assam with Love is about all aspects of Assam from the viewpoint of a Proud Assamese.

Assamese Books&Writers

In this page I shall all the interesting Books and magazines that is published in Assamese language, Assamese writers that are recognized in the world and those Assamese writers who won accolades by writing in English. Some of my favourites are Arup Dutta, Bhabendranath Saikia,  Sanjay Hazarika Sanjay Hazarika etc. But I promise you will get more of Assam. Love Kanchan Baruah or Asimat jar Heral Sima ? Or like humming  Bhupenda'a evergreen songs then you are at the best place.

Assamese magazines like PrantikBismoi, Priyosakhi etc are my favourite.

New Assamese Books

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