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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Assamese song Bistirna Parore by Dr Bhupen Hazarika

Assamese song Bistirna Parore Akhankhya janore is the song that is very dear to crores of Assamese. In fact its appeal this song is so universal that it is ever new, ever loved and ever crooned by singers and song lovers of all time.

This song Bistirna parore is translated in many Indian Languages including Hindi and bengali. In Hindi it is as Bistaar Hai Apar, in Bengali it is as Bistirno Dupare and the Assamese version these two versions too are welcomed by music lovers. But instead of mighty river Brahmaputra, the sacred Ganges are idolized in the Hindi and bengali versions of Bistirna Parore.

Dr Bhupen Hazarika's song Bistirna Parore was inspired by the great song "Ol' Man River" by Paul robeson. Dr Hazarika has met Robeson while hewas studying at columbia University. Robeson's Ol' man River which sang the sorrows and hardship of black people, their struggle made a place in Dr Hazarika's heart and he rendered the same feeling in his Bistirna parore too.
Here are the Assamese lyrics of the song Bistirna parore

Assamese lyrics of Bhupen Hazarika song Bistirna parone

Bistirna Parore Akhankhya janore Hanhankar hkhunio
Nihkobde Nirobe Buha Luit Bowa Kiyo?
Noitikotar Skhalan Dekhio, Manobotar potan dekhio
Nirlajja Alokh bhabe bowa kiyo?

Jnana Bihin nirakhyarar, khadyabihin nagorikar
Netritwabihinatat nimat kiyo?

Byokti jadi byakti kendrik,
Hkhamasti jadi byoktitwarahit
Tene hkhithil hkhomajak nabhanga kiyo?

Tumiye jodi Brahmaputra;
Hkhei pitritwa nammatro
Nohole prerona nidiya kiyo?

Unmatta Dharare
Ajasra birok
Jogai notola kiyo?

Hkhahasra barikhar
Unmadonar abhigyatare pongu manobak
Hkhabal sangrami , Aru Agragami

Kari notola Kiyo??

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  1. Bhupen Hazarika will ever be remembered for his unique folklore gems spilled over Assamese, Bengali n Hindi languages. A great loss indeed!!!