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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Aseemat Jar Heral Seema: All time popular Assamese Novel

About Aseemat Jar Heral Seema

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Asimat Jar Heral Seema( Who lost Their Limit in Infinity) is an Assamese novel that itself has crossed the limit of popularity. It was written in the nineties and still it continues to rule the hearts of lakhs of people. In fact anyone and everyone from the present generation who has a liking for Assamese literature must started their novel reading with Aseemat Jar Heral Seema.

This novel is written by late Bhubanmohan Baruah under the pen-name of Kanchan Baruah. He has written several other Popular novels but according to Assamese critics even if Bhubanmohan Baruah had written only Aseemat Jar Heral Seema he would be immortalised by Assamese readers!

Novels of Kanchan Baruah

Kanchan Baruah has written some other novels too, but many are still obsessed with Aseemat Jar Heral Seema and just do not know about these novels. Puwati Tora is another of his stunning creation. Alas! at this momnet I too am oblivious of Kanchan Baruah's other Assamese Novels!  Please look at the end of the article for updates.

The story of Aseemat Jar Heral Seema

A group of bosom friends whose occupations are different plans a bohemian trip where they will explore the life. They sailed to an unknown reason following their heart through the river Buhi Dihing. They are all equipped with ration and weapons. But one night of thunder-storm has invited disaster to their boat and they were all left in an unknown area.

One of them (the story-teller) finds that he has been through this place and he was very much part of this place! But how? The others found it crazy and tried to somehow bring him to the present. But The story-teller gives one after another testimonials of himself being the part of this place in his previous birth.

Now the story unfolds! The story-teller was an attractive young bachelor, a Royal office bearer, Chandan, whose life, love, bravery and friendship and heart touching end of life relived by the story-teller in front of readers. It's a magnificient story, unbelievable details of a utopia, a love story that is very much unique and a friendship even more attractive!

Chandan's childhood sweetheart Champa, whom he is mistaken to be his friend remains a guardian angel throughout his life even when she comes to know that Chandan acctually loves Gauri, who is a beauty personified. She is no less than a Royal princess, even though she is the daughter of the Prime Minister of the country. But the love story of Chandan and Gauri never had time to bloom! Their beautiful life which they wasted in sweet and sour and often massive fights abruptly faced the most dreaded consequence, which is attack from foreigners. They dedicated their lived to the great cause and at the end of the novel they find bliss in each others though physically they no longer remains attractive and able.

The best part of the novel(well I think, otherwise the novel has everything impeccable), is the vibrant description of Assamese culture, Assamese tradition and Assamese people. Their bravery which is much described in different stories and legends are well-matched with this story.

Assamese language is at it's best expressive mood in the pen of kanchan Baruah in this phrase 'Aseemat Jar Heral Seema'
Update about Kanchan Baruah's other novels: Puwoti tora, Mrita bihanga, Jaya mahal, Ashanta prahar, Urmilar sokulu. I am grateful to the 'anonymous' reader who provided the names of other novels of Kanchan Baruah. 

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