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Sunday, February 15, 2015

35th National Games Final Medal Tally brings breeze of Happiness to Assam

Top ten positions of 35th National Games Kerala image
I was watching the Triatholon final of 35th National Games at DD Sports. The performance  of young and energetic team of Manipur was something to watch for. They were way ahead of the Gujarat and Maharashtra Teams which won Silver and Bronze medal respectively. The Team Manipur, like in many other sports were showing exceptional fitness, suppleness and energy that can match international teams. For example, after the game was over they were cheering while waiting for the next participant who on the moment of completion, almost exhausted!

So this was what our neighbouring, insurgency-hit Manipur performed in the National platform. Although Manipur could not place themselves on the top slot, they finished at seven, could win many hearts, I would say. If do not compare  Manipur, athletes from Assam did a marvelous job on its own. Assam could finish as Tenth state in Final Medal tally. Assam has won 9 Gold, 5 silver and 11 Bronze, five more medals than its nearest competitor Gujarat.

Like many other sports enthusiast, I hope that the tradition of sports which was began from the 2007 National Games(Assam) is carried forward by our Athletes. This result also shows that parents and youngsters are taking sports seriously and given a chance they can do even better. What is required is more coaches, sports organizations and sports infrastructure in the rural areas. The Sports minister who hails from Assam should take a look at the government schools where lack of sport facilities are non-existing. But we are hopeful that we can do better in coming days since the corner-stone is laid stronly.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Sahitya Academy Award 2014 to Noted Assamese writer Arupa Patangia Kalita

Mariam Astin Athaba Hira Barua, a short story collection by noted Assamese novelist and short story writer Arupa Patangia Kalita is selected for 2014 Sahitya Academy award for Assamese.  Her writings are famous for women issues and questions and it is really a moment of great pride to see her winning  the Sahitya Academy award 2014. She rightly deserves it. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Google celebrates Children's Day with a Doodle that represents Assam's Natural and Cultural beauty

This morning when I opened my browser I got pleasantly surprised as well confused with what  welcomed me. Over the years in any important day we just never forget to take a look how creatively Google has celebrated that day. Today,  I expected a nice doodle with a Children's day theme and wished to show it to my kids before day jump into the day's action. But all I could spot was a Bihu dancer holding a 'hkhorudoiya Zapi' a symbol often associated with Assamese honour, then I spoted a Gamosa, an One-horned rhino,  then a Tea bag labelled as TEA. I digged deep into the doodle and found that it is a doodle which won the Children day Doodle 4 Google painting competition " A place in India I wish to visit". Children's doodles have always been thought-provoking and mind-blowing so far.

Over the years we have never ceased to get pleased by anything good that is said about Assam in any media. Now this time it is a real bliss to find that Assam features as a dream destination  in the mind of kid from elsewhere than Assam. Assam with all its beauty and cultural heritage is not much explored as travel destination till now.  This Pune child who has created the Doodle has won the hearts!

I wish everyone a very Happy Children's day and thanks to Google!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

North East Book Fair 2014 in Assam : Date, venue, programs

16th North East Book Fair Guwahati

Bibliophiles of this region have reasons to cheer up! The North East Book Fair, a 12 day affair with books is coming soon. You had your share of ups and downs in the entire year and now is time to make plans to wrap up the year on a great note. No doubt, you will have some bright winter afternoons at the venue of 16th North East Book Fair Assam. The rendezvous with books will start much earlier...

Monday, October 13, 2014

North East United FC unifies North East in the first ISL match in Guwahati

"Watching North East United FC vs Kerala Blasters Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium at Sarusajai Guwahati" would be the most happening status update of today. Given the fact that tickets were all sold out much before for the second ISL match between Kerala Blasters and NEUted FC I'm sure many would be returning home heartbroken. But it is really heartwarming to see football fans across the North Eastern States are thronging at Sarusajai Stadium in Assam. City-dwellers of all caste and creed are taking pride in the fact that stars of the most coveted dream world like Sachin Tendulkar, John Abraham, Nita Ambani etc are hobnobbing in our humble land!

United North East

Football fans are basking in the glory of 'United' North East. So what if we are warring with each other over border issues all through the year?  Now is the time to unite. We have the stars at our support. Many fans are underling this over and over that football will unite the states of North East. Owner of North East United Football Club John Abraham's name was dragged into controversy for the choice of the title of his team. But now everybody seems to be happy only.

Youngest Football team of ISL

 NEUted FC is the youngest Football team of the ISL. John Abraham is heard  expressing his desire to have his boys groomed further for National Level by the exposure of young Footballers from North East to the world football talents. It is surely a great hope if he really thinks like that. And we are hopeful that talents of North East will continue to have place in the Team.

Sarusojai stadium finds new lease of life

As we know how things happen in our state. After the National Games Sarusajai Stadium remained in a forlorn state in all these years. But looking at the stadium in pictures today no one dares say that. Must admit the the jugad was awesome!

Consumerism cannot be resisted
If commercialization of Football can revive Football in India that why not? Otherwise how players will survive. The cost of living, training and maintenance of athletics are huge and ISL, Indian Hockey League, Indian Kabadi League after IPL are all definitely playing huge role in professionalization of of sports in India. To bring Professionalism into sports commercialization of stuff is a must. But while we are glued to the screen to watch the tidbits of ISL and our favourite stars news of several rapes in different parts of the state of Assam really heart-wrenching! We strongly condemn such activities. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dr Sanjib Baruah's Book India Against Itself: Assam and the Politics of Nationality

                       "India Against Itself" has been able to create a stir because it brought the causes of the
grievous Socio-political situation of Assam to the fore-front. It reflects what common and conscious people in Assam feel about this. Honestly there is nothing new for the people of Assam who have been witnessing the political situation of Assam closely in the recent  past years. Since the author of this book is an Assamese living in abroad so this book has been able to catch the fancy of readers immediately.

              People who has read this book have opined that this book is  really a great eye-opener to the world especially for those who are interested to know about the current and recent political happenings of Assam and North East. The Government of India, its policies regarding North East, and  their impact upon the people of region were not discussed thoroughly so far. But in India Against Itself Dr Sanjib Baruah has discussed all these from the period of British rule to the contemporary age. The topic of ethnic conflict is dealt with utmost care keeping in mind the ethnic diversity of this region.

                       The Author: The writer of India Against Itself Dr Sanjib Baruah is the Professor and  Chair of Political Studies at Bard College.  Academic Program Affiliation(s): Asian studies,  Environmental and Urban Studies, Global and International Studies, Political Studies. He has graduated from Cotton College Guwahati and achieved his Post Graduation from Gauhati University Assam.