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Assamese Cuisine&Recipes

Assamese cuisine & recipes photos: Komal Saul Image
 Assamese Cuisine and recipes are a beautiful amalgammation of ethnic traditions, herbs and exotic elements that are available exclusively in Assam only. Though modern taste-bubs are open to universal tastes and welcoming modern elements, traditionally people of Assam love their unique tradtional fair.

Some Assamese Jalpans are 
Assamese cuisine & recipes photos: Bora Saul image

Assamese cuisine &recipes: Malbhog chira image
  • Komal Saul of Assam.
  • Hurum. An unbelievable variety of puffed rice, that is two or three times larger, transperant, lighter and tastier that puffed rice(muri). Hurum is as much tough to prepare as the awesome taste it gives to your tastebuds.  I promise to learn the Hurum preparation method and share it in future.
  • Assamese Chira varieties. Bakul boradhanar chira, Malbhog Chira etc are some tasty and very soft types of Chiras which are very different from the kinds that are available in the market and tastes like a piece of paper!
  • Pithas: Til pitha, Ghila pitha, Sutuli pitha, Pani pitha, Bhurbhuri/Hejarmukhi pitha, Tekeli pitha etc. And variations of all these pithas are made in different places of Assam. 

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