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Monday, January 3, 2011

Assamese jalpaan tradition : Recipes

Assamese traditional breakfast and snacks are completely unique in their taste, texture and preparation. Assamese breakfasts are healthy, easy to serve and even easy to store for longer period. And the most unique feature that makes it different from the snacks of other parts of the world is that they can be cooked without oil. Most Assamese breakfast can be prepared by adding hot of warm water and assortments that are locally available in Assam and among Assamese community.

Assamese jalpaan/breakfast options

Asomiya Jalpan Komal Saul Image
Komal saul(softened rice): Komal saul or softened rice is prepared through a complex procedure, but the outcome is unbelievable and simply amazing.  Komal saul or softened rice is prepared by Bora dhan(rice variety). Bora dhan is cooked in a large kadai at outsife the house.When it is cooked they are spread on a flat surface to be sun-dried. Only expert cooks can decide the limit to what extent the rice should be dried.
Then the rice that are dried along with the shell are ground at traditional mills. Because they are very delicate and require care and timing.

The ground rice will come out in a beautiful colour. These are the actual Komal saul and they can be kept in an air-tight jar for one or two months.
Komal saul dishes
Komal saul jalpan for breakfast: The required amount of Komal saul is soaked in hot or warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. Then they are drained out. In fact it is better if you add only the rquired amount of water. Soft, deliacte and tastly komal saul is ready to be served with hot milk/curd and butter/ghee and jaggary or simply ripe banana. 

Health benefits of komal saul: Since it is cooked along with the shell it retains the vitamins and all round nutrition. And helps reduce bad cholestarol too. It contains all the advantages of bran rice. Read more to know about other breakfast options from Assamese cuisine.

Komal Saul was earlier used as a top item in marriage or other religious ceremony feasts. Now too it is used as most favourite dish  among Assamese people. SOme people, especially at some places in upper Assam Komal saul is called as Chokuwa Saul  and is assorted with boiled potato and relished as a salty Komal Saul dish instead of a sweetened one.

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