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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bodum Assam Tea-pot, the perfect way to brew your cuppa of Assam tea

Bodum Assam is one of the hottest search these days. When I first heard of the term it sounded like some tribes(Assam has the most colourful tribes) of Assm. But to a pleasant surprise I found that it is the cute Tea infuser brand Badum Assam only. Bodum Assam Tea and drinkwares are just a  great addition to the kitchen of the Tea lovers.

Not only tea lovers if you love herbal tea, black tea. Green Tea or any sort of Tea Bodum Assam is just perfect for you. This stylish, cut-glass Bodum Assam Tea-pot with inbuilt stainer made of steel is definitely a collector's pride. The  Bodum Assam Tea-Press and Infuser comes with removable infuser stops and it makes the tea-brewing process an art. It helps the tea-leaves down to the bottom when brewing is done. And you are ready with your favourite cuppa with perfect colour along with the right aroma. The clear Tea-pot is best if you like Grren tea, because the appearance of brewed tea is almost devine with the Bodum Assam Tea-pots or Infusers.

The Bodum Assam Glass Tea-pot price is comparable in different online shops. But Bodum Assam Glass Tea-pot comes at a price of $20. It can brew 4 cups of tea at one time. Some Badum Assam tea pots also come with a steel handle which makes it easier to handle it.

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