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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Arabinda Rajkhowa Released ULFA leader Arabinda Rajkhowa will join Politics in Assam

Arabinda Rajkhowa, the president of ULFA, the terrorist outfit of Assam who wants sovereignty for Assam and the people of Assam  got released today. He was always willing to consider peace process despite the oppsition from other fellow members of ULFA.
 Who is Arabinda Rajkhowa
Arobinda rajkhowa was the president of United Liberation front of Assam(ULFA). ULFA's mission was to bring sovereignty for the  people of the region who allegedly are opressed, neglected and exploited by the central govt of Inida.

Arabinda Rajkhowa has been one of the those leaders of ULFA who wanted to continue the peace talk with central Govt. ULFA Chief Paresh Baruah is allgedly against any peace talk and he is now a fugitive.
Latest news of Arobinda Rajkhowa, Arobinda Rajkhowa is released from jail and Assam Chief Minister Mr Tarun gogoi has invited him to join politics. It is assumed that Arobinda Rajkhowa will join Politics soon.

It is seen that Arabinda Rajkhowa s got people's support during the case hearings against him in Guwahati High court of Assam. Now he will address public meeting at Darang District of Assam, and he invited people to join him.

 What is Arabinda Rajkhowa's stand for peace talk:
It is sure that Arobinda Rajkhowa is willing to start the peace process. He expresses that that other ULFA leaders like Shasha Choudhuri and Anup Chetia should be released as soon as possible. because peace talk is impossible when one party is is in jail.

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