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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Assamese magazine Bismoi: Online bismoi

UPDATE: The Assamese magazine Bismoi is no longer available to read online at The domain is perhaps sold out which use it for a different purpose. 20-03-2012
Bismoi cover courtesy
Among the few Assamese Magazine which have evolved with time and changing generation and their requirement Bismoi tops the list. Bismoi is a youth magazine, full of vigour, thoughtful analysis to guide the young minds and of course lots of entertainning features to keep the young minds occupied. And above all Assamese magazine Bismoi has completed 40 successful years with all the love and adulations from readers of Assamese language accross the world.

Assamese Magazine Bismoi is published from Guwahati in Assam. The exact address of Bismoi office is Bismoi Prakashan, Hedayetpur, Guwahati. If you are intested in any kind of communication or want to send any article via post you can send them to the above mentioned address.
The editor of Bismoi, Shashi Phukon is a writer also, and he has quite a good number of short stories to his credit. But he is known chielfly by his name and for his designation as the editor of Bismoi and Priyosakhi (Assamese women's magazine). Both Bismoi and priyosakhi are monthly magazine and have the desired Online versions of the magazines.

About online Bismoi
Online Bismoi is like any other online publication. The lively online Bismoi magazine comes with all the aspects of Bismoi. There are two versions, one is subscriber's copy, and the other is for those who are satisfied with a few sections of the novel. Cinema, Crime diary, Bibidha, Paratham Pristha, stories and one or two cover stories  come with the non-scribers' version.Online Bismoi is the first Assamese magazine with an online version.

One of the  most popular section of Bismoi is Priyo bandhu. Here interested people can publish their names, address and preference of choice for a pen friend. Interesting fact is that this Priyo Bandhu section of Bismoi has worked as a matrimonial classified too though not officially. Several couples of Assam met their life partners through this friendship. I remember during our college days our friends use to make lots of pen-friends through this column.

 Bismoi gave birth to several new and now established writers too, through its contests like Assamese story, short story, novel. The tradition is still continued. And we expect more and more writers should be encouraged in coming days.

My Favourite Bismoi Column
For me the best part of Bismoi is the article and cover story of Bismoi. Youth issues, any new national issues etc are dealt with full coverage and exclusivity. I know many people have different choices regaring the favourite section of Bismoi, and Bismoi has something for everyone. 

I wish, Bismoi to be there  with Assam and Assamese people till they exist. Young generation is most complicated to be dealt with. Especially Assam being a state disturbed by so many issues, the young people have every opprtunity to be misguided and spoil their lives. But Bismoi keeps them engaged, I am not talking of those who have people to guide them and have opportunity to get correct career advises. But lots of young people get the solution to their problems, career guidance through Bismoi. Not to mention the bond it has created among the Assamese people.


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