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Sunday, February 15, 2015

35th National Games Final Medal Tally brings breeze of Happiness to Assam

Top ten positions of 35th National Games Kerala image
I was watching the Triatholon final of 35th National Games at DD Sports. The performance  of young and energetic team of Manipur was something to watch for. They were way ahead of the Gujarat and Maharashtra Teams which won Silver and Bronze medal respectively. The Team Manipur, like in many other sports were showing exceptional fitness, suppleness and energy that can match international teams. For example, after the game was over they were cheering while waiting for the next participant who on the moment of completion, almost exhausted!

So this was what our neighbouring, insurgency-hit Manipur performed in the National platform. Although Manipur could not place themselves on the top slot, they finished at seven, could win many hearts, I would say. If do not compare  Manipur, athletes from Assam did a marvelous job on its own. Assam could finish as Tenth state in Final Medal tally. Assam has won 9 Gold, 5 silver and 11 Bronze, five more medals than its nearest competitor Gujarat.

Like many other sports enthusiast, I hope that the tradition of sports which was began from the 2007 National Games(Assam) is carried forward by our Athletes. This result also shows that parents and youngsters are taking sports seriously and given a chance they can do even better. What is required is more coaches, sports organizations and sports infrastructure in the rural areas. The Sports minister who hails from Assam should take a look at the government schools where lack of sport facilities are non-existing. But we are hopeful that we can do better in coming days since the corner-stone is laid stronly.

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