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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Profile, Biography of a Great Assamese Political leader Soneswar Bora, the Krishak Pitri

The most popular and honest political leader of Assm Soneswar Bora is no more. He is the ultimate peoples' man. A leader in the true meaning, who never hesitated about his farmer identity. He is actually called the Krishak Pitri(meaning the Father of Farmers). On 13 Dec this great Assamese soul has departed.

Profile of Soneswar Bora
 Soneswar Bora was born in May , 1926.

Place of birth: Rupkalia Da Gaon, Furkating in Golghat.
School: Hamdoi LP school
and Phanidhar Bordoloi Hight School in Golaghat.
Political Carrer: Joined quit India Movement after getting inspired by Mahatma Gadhiji in 1942.

Then he joine Mukti Bahini and later joined Socialist Party in 1942.
 Went to jain for his participation in Ghiladhari Krishak Satyagraha.

Soneswar Bora was one of the pioneer of Small Scale tea Industry in Assam too and worked for the farmers of the daiyang area till his last days.

Soneswar Bora was also an avid reader and a writer too. He wrote several books  on Daiyang Mukti Mancha and published  30 books. As he was one person honest to the core he could never made money to lead an afluent life  even after getting retired as the Agricultural Minister of Assam . This is something very unique. He even could not publishe 11 of his literary work because of financial constraints.

After British had left India Soneswar Bora started Daiyang land Encroachment for poor farnmers of the Daiyang and adjacent area. This has tremendous political impact and  farmers of the district has honoured him as Krishak Pitri or father of Farmers.

On Popular demand Soneswar Bora contested the assembly election from golaghat Constituency but lost for the first time. But in the next 2 Assam Assembly  elections in 1967 and 1972 respectively he won by tremndous public response.

He became the Agriculture Minister of Assam Government too and won the heart of Assamese people and Farmers across the state with his work for modernization of agricuture. He himself was a farmer and that is why he felt like one and tried to improve age old agricultural methodes adopted by the farmers of Assam.

Soneswar Borah died on 13 dec at Kushal Konower Hospital of Golaghat in Assam. The honesty, integrity of his character will remain the paragon for leaders of any age. May the great soul find peace at Heaven.

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