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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Assam Export: Export quality products of Assam, Exporters of Assam

Assam along with other North Eastern States have tremendous potential of Exporting products. The export quality products of Assm are locally made unique products and some organic products. The reason behind this great potentiality is the strategic location of Assam at the map of East and South East Asia. The countries of South East Asia are projected as potential importers from the Products of Assam.

Export Quality products of Assam

Tea of Assam with its distinct strong aroma and colour has already been famous in the world market. Now Organic Tea of Assam is another product which is welcomed by the customers of Assam and in at the foreign shores.

Assam's rich tradition and culture have enriched its treasure of Ethnic dresses like Mekhela Chadar, Ribi gaseng, dhuti-chapkon, Endi(Eri), Muga, Paat Silk dress materials, gamosa, Riha etc which are to found nowhere other than Assam. Assam silk known as Muga and Paat are lately exported to Japan since it is popular over there to make Kimonos(Japanese traditional dress), quilts, stoles and bedspreads. As per govt records Artfed (under state govt of Assam ) Artfed has Exported Muga-' the golden fabric of Assam'  worth 12 crores to Japan only. Artfed has also Exported Muga and Paat to countries like US, Greece, France, Japan, South Africa, and Germany as well starting from the year 2006.

Ethnic food repertoire too is quite rich with all the elements that are related to in Assamese cuisine, cultivated and preserved very authentic way. Among the food produce Bhoot Jalakia tops the chart of Assam exports to the world. Having a very  high Scoville scale index already Bhoot Jalakia also contains medicinal values which ha been well explored by communities in Assam. So it is no wonder that Bhoot Jalakia in the form of the fruit, Jalakia powder, seed make great export quality produce which is earning revenues for Assam. The Oil of Eri known as Castor oil is also one Export product from Assam. 

Hand made products of Bamboo, Cane wood furnitures, bamboo furnitures and knick-knacks are quite unique and can be utilized at home decor as well as storage items. 

The Govt of India has provided all clearance facilities at the only International Airport of Assam that is Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport, Borjhar at Guwahati in Assam. This will come handy to those who want to export Local products of Assam at the international market. TheGovernment of Assam, in association with the Government of India have set up an Export Promotion Industrial Park (EPIP) at Amingaon, Guwahati at Assam to facilitate export business.

Another good aspect is Assam is very well connected to other parts of India and to Bangadesh through waterways. Exporters of Assam can definitely utilise this great possibility.

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