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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Assamese Cuisine: Exotic and truly Assamese ingredients, recipes and its USP

   Assamese Cuisine is  the heady mixture of ethnic tribal elements and Indian elements. Assam is the home of different tribes and casts and people have been following the culture of assimilation since the time immemorial. So the Assamese cuisine is bound to reflect all those elements in it's flavour and nature. As a result Assamese cuisine reflect a simplicity as well as complexity and variety.

A traditional Assamese house-holds staple meal is Bhat and assorted dishes.
A very simple Assamese meal will consist a Rice plate(which is called bhat). A bowl of cooked green leafy vegetables(saak), a side dish of traditionally grilled veggies or fish  called Pitika, and a bowl of daal. But traditionally daal is used on very rare occasions though now each house hold cannot do without the daal.
Normally variations and innovations of these primary items are used on a daily basis. Vegetables locally and seaonally available are used in a very much Assamese way.

Traditional preservation of spices, herbs and Pickles play a very important role in Assamese cuisine. Kharisa  (no oil bamboo shoot pickles), Kahudi, Panitenga, Hukuta, Thekera(Dried soar fruit) etc are very authentic elements which are very rare in other Indian cuisines.

Fish and Fish preparations go very well with Assamese dishes. And there are variet of Fish preparations made exclusively with local ingredients. Assam is a land of water in many forms like river, tank etc and hence fresh fish are availlable at any time of Year. So Fish is a essential part of Assamese cuisine. And Assamese people are quintessentially    fishitarian.                                                                                                                                     

 Some Assamese Fish preparations:

  Masor tenga, Harioh diya Masor jol, kharisare Masor jol, kharikat Diya mas, Pora Mach, Karisare Magurmasor Jol, paleng Saakor jol. Hukan Bhoja

Though Fish is a part of Assamese cuisine Meat too is very much loved by Assamese people.Especially bird's meat is very popular. Roasted Duck, Paror mankho, Chicken , Pork with herbs and spices etc are very popular. Most imporatantly, in Assam meat options are very healthy and cooked with no or minimum oil. That's why Assamese Meat preparations are unique in taste and texure too.

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