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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Assamese Namghar, Srimanta Shankardev Namghar At Puri Sri Jagannath Dham

Assamese Namghar, Srimanta Shankardev Namghar At Puri Sri Jagannath Dham

Assamese Culture is mainly based on Vaishnav Dharma which is creation of Srimanta Shankardeva, the greatest Assamese of all time. Shankardeva had created Satras and Naamghars for Assamese people where they can culture and practice naam(devotional songs) and Bhakti of God(devotion).

Assamese Naamghar There is a Naamghar in every corner of a any village. Shankardeva did not believe in several gods and Goddesses. He invited people of each and every religion to follow his Eksharan Naam Dharma, where God can be achieved by extreme devotion and faith in one God, and the way to find God is by utytering His name by Naam.

Naamghar at Puri
Inside the Puri Srimanta Shankardev Namghar

Srimanta ShankardevNamghar Puri with Namgharia Saikiadeu 

There are people in Assam who would not believe that there is a Naamghar at Puri at Sri Jagannath Dham. Srimanta Shankardeva has travelled a lot and during his pilgrimage to different places of India and he stayed quite a long time at Sri Jagannath Dham at Puri Orissa.

But in my recent visit to Puri, I enquired a few people at Sri jagannath Dham and amazingly found out the Naamghar. Me and my family were more that elated!!

Location of Naamghar at Puri

The Namghar at Puri situated some 15 km away from Sri Jagannath Dham at Loknath Road. The Srimanta Shankardeva Naamghar is near Baba Loknath's Ashram at Loknath Road.

The History of Puri Srimanta Shankardeva Naamghar

The Naamghar was established in 1984. The effort was a joint one by Assam naamghar Samiti, Srimanta Shankardeva Sangha etc.

Now the Naamghar boast of religious practice called Naam Prasanga Twice daily, one in morning and once in evening.

Who Takes Care of the Namghar at Puri

Caretaker of the naamghar: The Caretaker of the Naamghar Mr Saikia is a very amiable person. He does his duty religiously. Besides regular duty he takes care of the Guest House associated with the naamghar.


  1. its 1.5 km from the jagannath temple puri

  2. assam jatri niwas,jaggannath dham,only 20ft away from jagannath temple ,free to all assam piligrims.