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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Profile of Assamese girls Kalpana and Rekha who won National Bravery Award 2010

Know about the two Assamese girls win the National award for bravery for the year 2010? Watching and hearing the names of the two young brave hearts at the Republic day parade 2011 bought immense joy for the viewers. I congratulate the young Assamese girls along with the other brave hearts of different states of India whose spirit are salutes by the Nation on the auspicious day of Republic day.

About the Assamese girls who won the National Bravery Award 2010:

Profile of Braveheart Rekha Sonowal

Age: 13 years.
Fathers name: Ananta Sonowal.
Village: Kamargaon Sonari Gaon, Golaghat
District Golaghat of Assam.
School: Kumargaon High School.

task of bravery: She along with her cousin Kalpana saved a child from drowning showing unbelievable courage amidst disaster.

Profile of Braveheart Assamese Kalpana Sonowal

Age : 12 years.
Father's name: Diganta Sonowal.
village: Kamargaon Sonari Gaon.
School : Kumargaon High School.

The task of bravery of Kalpana and Rekha Sonowal

Rekha and Kalpana were coming back from school along with Rekha's mother Toramai Sonowal and little sister Archana. They had to cross the river Dhansiri everyday. On that rainy afternnoon  luck had something different for these two girls and their families. They boarded a boat on their way back through the Dhansiri river. When they were in mid river the boat capsized and the two girls leaped into the river to save themselves. But when the saw the little Archana drowning in front of their eyes they tried with all their might to save the girl and succeeded. Though their  mother Toramai Sonowal drowned they were not petrified by the accident and saved their sister.

Later the girls were selected for the National Bravery award 2010.

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