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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Assamese woman's magazine Priyosakhi : Read online Priyosakhi

Asomiya Priyosakhi is the Assamese monthly woman's magazine, that is popular, glamorous and attractive like new age Assamese woman itself who also hold great respect for tradition and values. Priyosakhi has an online edition too( which you can read online(limited features) and also subscribe to a subscriber's version with complete features.

Gone are the days when readers would buy a magazine only for the contents and the  utility. This is the age of glamour and hence the look of a magazine is absolutely important  to attract customers. There were several good magazines, especially monthly woman's magazine in Assamese, which  more or less  had a good subscription rate. But as because they could not maintain the look they were all faded away into the oblivion. But Priyosakhi  perfectly fits into the life of a modern woman, with its features on women, relationship, kids, working women etc. So it is quite popular among Assamese women. It is progressive and also traditional at the same time.

Priyosakhi is published from the house of  Bismoi.The Chief editor of Priyasakhi is Shashi Pukon who is also the Chief Editor of Bismoi too. Though Priyosakhi is much younger to Bismoi in terms of age, it is an widely read magazine.

Some popular festures of Assamese Priyosakhi are
Sakhir Nidan: An expert advise page about fertility and pregnancy issues answered by noted Gynaecologists of Assam.
Mor Khetrat Eke hoisil: Experience of a reader of Priyosakhi magazine.
Feature on current issues or festivals.
Lai hale jale: Expert advise on kids.
Kino Laylakhe: Beautiful Assamese  Models showcasing designer collections of Mekhela Chador, saree or other dresses from Assam.
Short stories, novel etc are regular features too.
Another quite loved feature is Sakhir Dapon in which beauty tips, skin care tips etc discussed.
 Sakhir Akhol is the popular cookery section of Priyosakhi.

Anyone who want to send articles, short stories can send their posts to
Editor Priyosakhi,
Bismoi Prakashan,

 For subscription query about Priyosakhi one can contact Circulation manager, Bismoi Prakashan,
House no 83,Rajgarh Main Road, Guwahati -3.

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