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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Assamese film Asin Chinaki , release of Assamse cinema

 New Assamese film Achin Chinaki

Assamese film Achin Chinaki is just released. Number of Assamese films released in a year is limited and hence the relase of Achin Chinaki is a good news for Assamese Film Viewers.
  News of Achin Chinaki
The Print of Achin Chinaki is ready and it has already tabled for censor board.
 Cast and Crew of Assamese film Achin chinaki 
 Director of Asin Chinaki: Munna Ahmed.
 Cast of Asin Chinaki, Assamese Film: Biju Phukon, Arup Baishya, Lipika Borah Medhi, Rimpy Das,Ananya Pachani, Atul Pachani,Bhagawat Pritam,Jowan Dutta, Mitali Baishya.

 Story of Assamese film Asin Chinaki

A family drama with age old stories. After mother's death a little boy could not take the harsh behaviour of his step mom and leaves his home for Guwahati, Capital city of Assam. And grows up there. 
Eventually his step mom's son too shifts base to Guwahati. The two half-brothers meet...
And climax follows.

Simply this is the  storyline of Assamese Film Achin Chinaki.

Assamese films  need audience. And to attract audience for Assamese films films need good stories, which can keep audience glued to their seats. Only beautiful heroines of Assamese films and good acting cannot do thee trick.

Assamese Film Asin Chinaki review:
The most awaited release after alpmost a decade that Asin Chinaki is , could not impress much. Leave alone the critics it could not touch the heart of common audience who watch movies only for entertainment. Audience returned from theatres were not satisfied at all. Those who still want to take a look check out Minister Rakibul Hussain appearing for a cameo!!

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