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Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Assamese Book releases in 2011

I am very very happy that some people who have landed in this blog has also did that by searching about new Assamese books that are released in 2011. The books about which I have written already were some classic Assamese literature about about which all readers of Assamese literature know. They just want to know about what is written about those books. This is my little effort to bring those new Assamese book releases on the fore for those who want to keep abreast with whatever new is happening in Assam.

The last decade has been a great one in terms of publication of Assamese books. In fact woemen writers in Assamese have created a kind of renaissance in publishing some great Assamese novels which have created huge waves in terms of popularity and response from critics. We already know about Anuradha Sharma Pujari, Purabi Bormudoi baideo, Rita Choudhuri, Arupa Patangiya Kalita, Bandita Goswami, Manikuntala Phukon Bhattacharya, etc. But a crop of new Assamese women writers have already curved a niche for themselves. Juri Bora Borgohain(Dibrugarh Biswabidyalayar Nandini) has published her second 'Nangfa' based on the historical traces of the legendary Assamese historical character Joymoti. Monalisa Saikia, Mouchumi Kandali(is already well known for her short stories which are critically acclaimed) the list is actually impressive!

Even otherwise, the literary scenario as a whole in Assam is also very inspiring at this moment. Publishers like Aak-Bank, Banalata, Lawyers etc are always encouraging new writers along with those whose writings ate time tested. The winter is known as the season of books(Granthar Bator) and Book fairs are being held across Assam. So new releases are selling increasing selling every year. What better can happen in the field of culture than this!

Though several writers have tried to cash in on the craze for  Bhupenda's exit for his heavenly abode there are a very few books that are worth reading  about the musical maestro. Writer Journalist Arnab Jan Deka's books  about Dr Hazarika are some books which you may like to collect. They are

1)Mor Chinaki Bhupenda 2) Anya Ek Jajabor
3) Bhupen Hazarika aru Bhawananda Deka : Dui Baatkatiya.

There are some other non-fiction Assamese books published recently.

  • Three Volumes of Sesh Pristha(Bhabendra Nath Saikia's column in Prantik).
  • Hiren Bhattacharyar Kabita.
  • Asomar Bibhinna Goshtir Bibah Padhdhati by Putali Kayastha.
  • Bharatiya Swadhinata Sangramat Asomar Avadan by Lakshminath tamuli.
  • Aparupa Arunachal by Soumyadwip Dutta.
  • Sourabh Kumar Chaliha by Binay Mohan Soikia.
  • The Feerless Democrate: Hem Baruah by Kumar Dipak Das.
Assamese poetry collections are getting published regularly and poetry books are getting great response from readers too. 


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