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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A tribute to Mamoni Raisom Baideo.

Barely a fortnight has passed after the Sangeet Surjyo Dr Bhupenda secured his place in his heavenly abode; we have lost another star of the literary world, that is Dr Indira Raisom Goswami whom we called  Mamoni Raisom fondly. She has achieved a highly esteemed place in the hearts of literary critics and readers equally. For the timeless novels like Mamore Dhora Tarowal, Tej Aru Dhulire Duxorita Pristha, 'Dotal Hatir Ooinye Khowa Howda' which got translated into English  and almost all Indian Languages, Aadhalekha Dastaabej, her autobiography and the incredible story of her real life crises,
and  her research of Ramayani literature of different Indian and foreign languages, the way she came forward to be an arbitrator of peace process between Indian govt and United Liberation front of Assam, everything has made her life an inimitable as well as eventful.

It is a known fact that Mamoni Raisom baideo was the guiding force for the students who were studying in the Delhi University not only because she was a professor of Modern Indian Language in D.U. but because she loved the students so much and so much willing to help them. She was the source of inspiration for so many who were suffering in life. The pure peace loving soul that Mamoni baideo was, was also a dear friend for many towering literary personalities in India and the unadulterated fame and popularity that she has won internationally. She dared to write and publish  her autobiography Aadhalekha Dastaabej, at a tender age of  26 and at an age when the literary world was much dominated by male publishers. And

This article is a very very small tribute to Mamoni Baideo, an extraordinary person who lived a life following the mantra of 'simple living high thinking' and dedicated her life to literature and service of the people. The cardiac arrest of 29th November evening could not be resisted by the ailing body of Mamoni Baideo and she has left us for good. Mamoni Baideo's immortal  writings in the form of her great novels like Ahiron , Budhasagar, Dhushar Geisa aru Mohammad MuchaChinavar ShrotChinnamastar ManuhtoDashorothir Khuj Udaybhanur Charitra, , her short story collections like Chennabar Shrot will always be cherished by the fans of her writings.

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