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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Assamese magazine Prantik, the polestar of Assamese social life

        Among the things for which I owe to my father, the regular subscription of Assamese leading magazine Prantik tops the list. I know there are many like me who have grown up the healthy dose of the fortnightly    Assamese magazine Prantik. I always wanted to read the complete magazine when I was a school children but always prevented by my parents to do so. So basically what I did was reading complete the magazine  including the serial novels when it finally rested in the magazine rack of my father's office room!! But the wait was worthwhile.

        Now Prantik is in its 30th year. I still read the magazine. It has made way for new writers, while saluting the spirit of veterans. Autobiographical novelsin Assamese  like Jibanar Digh are Bani (of Dr Maheswar Neog)to Kaal balukat Khoj (Dr LakhmiNandan Borah sir , from translated novels to award winning Arshiwadar Rang(Arun Sharma) Prantik has come a long way.

        But Prantik's duty is not over yet. Like the lot who wait from one Prantik to another issues in Assam are waiting to be dealt with some guiding force. Getting familiar with the life and activities of   Dr Bhabendra Nath Saikia  was something which no other media can ever facilitate to us. Dr Saikia  was the Founder editor of Prantik and he  has written several sections of Prantik when there was lack of eligible  posts. Now there are thousands who boast of being a regular reader of Prantik, sometimes come up with useless topics like why Assamese women have stopped wearing Mekhela Chadar(!!). Instead they can come up with good formative topics which can create public opinion regarding the burning isseues of Assam.

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