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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bhogali or Magh Bihu in Assam just a few days away

The air is already filled with the aroma of  Assamese Pitha, laru and jalpaans.  Mothers accross the state are preparing all the traditional fair of tasty Assamese sweets for their beloved children and family members who are coming home to celebrate the happy occasion of Magh Bihu or Bhogali buhu in Assam. I am not that lucky, but i wish, to be with my folks on the days of Bhogali Bihu.

Picture of Meji at Magh Bihu ritual in Assam.

Bhogali/Magh Bihu dates will be in the mid-january, viz., 14 and 15 the of january. When the country will be celebrating makar Sankranti, Pongal or Lohri, we the Assamese fol will be clebrating our Bhogali Bihu. Bhogali Bihu as the name suggests is a Bihu when people indulge in all ythe funfare including food, traditional sports etc.

Bhogali Bihu Sweets, recipes and Jalpaan. Being an Assamese my family always passionately wait for my mother' tasty dishes like, tilpitha(Rice power roll stuffed with jaggery, sesame seeds and other spices), ghila pitha, Sutuli pitha, Narikalar laru, Tilar laru and vaious other pithas that expert homemakers of Assam prepare by applying their unique individuality and creativity.

Along with pithas there are jalpans or snacks like bakul boradhanar chira, komal Saul, Bhoja saul, akhoi, Muri and the unique Hurum.

Foodfare of bhogali bihu. Bhogali as I said is a time of enjoyment community feast or bhoj are unique part of it. We enjoy community lunch and dinner in a picnic mood at already empty paddy fields and at the premise of namghar etc. Tasty fish preparations like Masor tenga, Kharikat diya, pora mas etc,Sital masor kolthi, Rou, Kuhi, puthi etc along with different meat preparations like Telal Khahi, Duck roast, Fried chicken or pegion or duck ect. are top choices for the festive days.

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