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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Republic Day Celebrations in Assam

Millions of  people fall in love in every second. But the experience of love is ever new and  ever fresh.  Just like love or beauty or any other  human emotion the patriotism associated with  Independence Day or Republic day  of any country is ever new  and ever fresh for the countrymen. But many people say that after 61 years(Today is 62nd Republic day) of Independence the Independence day has been losing its charm. Same is the case with Republic Day. But I don't think so. For me the Republic day or Independence day still carry the same amount of excitement, patriotism and gratefulness to those whose priceless effort has built the cornerstone of this country, that is the Constitution of India. And this Republic day I am waiting eagarly fior some good news from Assam, that Republic day in Assam  this year is celebrated by all and sundry.

 Being an Assamese, I must confess that I have lost the spontaneous expression of joy and celebrating mood that comes with an Independence day or Republic day. Ask any patriotic Assamese they will sigh over it. Our response for these red letters days are not spontaneous. Schoolchildren in Assam do not gather in their school premise to salute the tricolour. Each Independence day or Republic day the ULFA used to  call for bandh or call for a boycott. Parents  are afraid to send their children to schools. The most important days for an Indian come and go unmarked and uncelebrated each day. This has been happening for the last 15 to 20 years. Any why would parents take a risk. Remember the ruthless killing of Dhemaji district  of Assam children (who assembled for a Republic day flag hoisting) by a bomb blast by so called patriots, asomi-aair-santans? Now in a day and age when parents love for their children knows no boundaries, would anyone take the risk of such a fatal mistake...

I remember my schooldays. Republic day was just like the day of Sarawati puja. We gathered flowers in the early morning, helped our teachers to decorate the altar for the Tricolor. We eagerly waited to get the national flag to be hoisted and unfolded(many a time the knot became tricky enough to make our headmaster embarrassed) and to salute the Tricolour with a vigorous recital of the Jana Gana Mana...

Now while living outside Assam, I always ask my father about the latest happenings in Assam. Are the children in our local school celebrating the Republic day ? I am getting a negative reply for the past couple of years. I always hope this year there will be no boycott call and everyone in Assam will enjoy and celebrate the Republic day with grandeur. A generation have grown up sans this unique experience. When the political issues like  ULFA will  be solved and the situation will get back to normalcy, would they be able to teach the next generation the value of such an important day like Republic day or Independence day. Well equipped with bullet proof and security guards the ministers and political leaders in Assam will go on flag hoisting, but what about the children whom we have deprived of this great experience???

Happy Republic Day to my countrymen!! 

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