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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Maha Shiva Ratri festival in Sivasagar Assam

The biggest festival in upper Assam's Sivasagar district is neither Bihu nor Durgapuja! Because no other festival could attract the biggest traffic to Sivasagar district so far like the Maha Shivaratri. Jokes apart, Shivaratri is truely the biggest festival because people irrespective of their cast, creed, religion and identity takes part the Maha Shivaratri , though not in the religious rituals they take part in the huge mela in the Shiva Dol(Shiva Temple) during the Maha Shivaratri days.

Another reason why I am not saying in the day of Shivaratri and deliberately mentioning it as Shivaratri days is that in Sivasagar Shivaratri is a Grand three day Maha Shivaratri affair which sometimes spreads to the fourth day.
The district Administration of Sivasagar announces a local holiday during this three day affair apart from the calendar holiday no can afford to attend offices that are situated in the middle of Sivasagar town.

Shiva Dol, Sivasagar
Shiva Dol in Sivagar distt of Assam is one of the most widely celebrated pilgrim's attraction. Devotees of Lord Shiva across the world vouch for the spirituality of this temple. Ahom Swargadeo (King) Pramatta Singha had made this Temple after he conversed himself to Shaivism. The beautiful Shiva Dol with its dazzling Kalasi made of Gold is the attraction of lacs of tourists and pilgrims across the world.

The location of Shiva Dol is at the bank of the grand tank namely Shivasagar(sea belong to Lord Shiva). There are other temples as well surrounding the temple of Lord Shiva. They are Devi Dol, Vishnu Dol etc. At a distance of 5 Km there is another temple of Lord Shiva namely Ranga-nath Dol. My mother is a ardent believer and devotee of this Ranga-Nath Dol. The cool and serene surrounding of the Ranganath Dol will fill you will peace.

You can offer puja to Lord Shiva at any day but Monday is the most auspicious day to offer puja at Shiva Dol and at Ranganath Dol. The pujari willl perform the puja for you without any hassle.

Maha Shivaratri Mela(Fair) at Sivasagar

Maha Sivaratri Mela  at Sivasagar is a treat for you if you can handle the huge gathering everyday. If you want to offer Abhisek to Lord Shiva then you have to come to the temple premise right in the midnight to follow the huge cue.  
Attraction of Shivaratri mela sivasagar 
are handicrafts, food items, crockery, cutleries, knives etc. Lots of decorative products, Home needs etc are also found which are made by local people. 

The Shivaratri mela is also a huge attraction for youngsters. The surrounding place is home to famous institutes like Sivasagar Girls college, Sivasagar Commerce college, Phuleswari H.S School etc, which makes the mela days a huge hit with the college goers.

Cautions for Tourists visiting Shivaratri mela

Be careful not to carry any valuables along with you. Snatchers and pick pockets are in abundant. 
Make sure that you book hotels in advance.

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