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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Online Assamese daily news paper Asomiya Pratidin e paper

          Asmomiya Pratidin  is one of the popular daily news paper in Assamese language. The online version or Asomiya Pratidin e-paper greets many Assamese people everyday right in the morning with its Morning Dispacth.
             Asomiya Pratidin is one of the popular news paper in Assam but somehow I feel that the news here are  could be presented in a more neutral manner rather than using very poetic and rhetoric manner. I am not saying that the news paper is biased. But I do not appreciate the language. Read this: Aswabhavik Uttape Dahise Rajya: Nimnagami Bidyut Seva... Here I think importance is given more in creating a poetic catch-line instead of coveying the news.

           Asomiya pratidin is widely read in Assam and it can cater to popular demand. This is well-established with the fact that Asomiya Pratidin daily news paper is published from four cities and district capitals of Assam. Along  with the Guwahati city it is published from Dibrugarh, Bongaigaon and North Lakhimpur in Assam. 3 lakhs of copies of this news paper is sold everyday accoring to wikipedia.

            Asomiya Pratidin is published by Jatin Choudhuri and the Chief Editor of the news paper is Haidar Hussain.

         Asomiya Pratidin epaper is available in the official webiste of the news paper that is                    

          You can log into to the website to read the online version daily. You can also avail the Morning Dispatch of the Asomiya Pratidin everyday at your mail box. But to read the complete newspaper you have to log in to the website everyday9which is somewhat irritating). I wish I could read it only with a click and share the page I like, instead of logging into the website to read the full story.

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