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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Assamese theatre actress in Hollywood movie

Let's admit it first. The news sounds too good to be true. Now get it. An Assamese actress is doing a Hollywood movie. And that the Assamese theatre actress is the leading lady of the film which is the most incredible part of the news. The movie's name is 'Sold'.
It is also known that noted Assamese and Hindi film actress Seema Biswas is also having  important roles in the movie.

The movie 'Sold' is directed by Jeffrey D Brown as director. (Jeffrey Brown is an Academy award/winning director). Sold's story is based on the problem of child trafficking or prostitution. It is a story of a teenage girl  from Nepal who is sold to become a prostitute and how she is later  rescued. The city of joy Kolkata is the backdrop of this Hollywood movie Sold. As you know Kolkata is quite known for its red-light areas, eventually the films shooting shooting location becomes Kolkata invariably.

The film Sold's cast and crew are quite tight-lipped about the story or shooting schedule of the movie in Kolkata since the subject matter of the movie is really sensitive. But it is known that the films crew has already started shooting in different parts of kolkata. But nothing concrete is out as confirmed  news about the movie Sold. Naturally the name of the Assamese actress who acted in an the lead role of the movie Sold is also unknown. . According to Mumbai Mirror reports the lead role will be played by Naomi Watts. But whoever is acting in movie it is a great moment of pride for Assamese Theatre because it will be first for Assamese film or theatre that someone is acting in any role in Hollywood movie.

The cast of Hollywood movie Sold basicallly comprise of actors and actresses from Tollywood(film industusty of West Bengal). Tilottama Shome, Parambrata Chatterjee and as mentioned earlier Seema Biswas will be performing important characters in the the film.

Update:  Thanks the anonymous visitor, it is really not true that the name of Assamese actress working in SOLD is not known. Actually the name is not revealed till now.

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