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Monday, November 25, 2013

Guwahati Metro Rail Project and some thoughts on Assam

A big apology to my readers, it was a tiresome shifting process that kept me away from posting regularly at Online Assam. The best part of my absence is though the expectation that from now onwards, things will be more crisper since my family has moved to Assam.

It was that time of the year when our humble potato and onion reached the status of exotic food in the eastern part of India, my family  moved to Assam, perhaps permanently.  The husband's long overdue wish of buying of farm fresh veggies and fruits in home place was to be put aside for sometime now.

Assam is at present on a critical status of development procedure. On the one hand we need infrastructure and more industries and on the other hand we need to retain the resources, culture and heritage of Assam, and most importantly our resources.  The Subansiri Mega Hydel Project is reflecting this dilemma most lucidly. Since our people are more aware and they have a voice we just cannot let us run over by MNCs. Our natural resources, river-centric people and their livelihood must be rehabilitated and the biodiversity must be save.

Last year we happen to travel along with a first time Assam visitor by train. Assam is always beautiful in our eyes(Asom Apar Rupohee). But during this visit we happen to view  the sideways through his eyes. He was so disappointed with the underdevelopment that we just could not give him any hope...Only saver was the 'silk' which his wife has asked him to buy from Assam!!

Guwahati Metro Rail Project is much talked about now. Anybody who has to travel by city bus service in Guwahati will vouch for the need for a faster city service. The bus service is excruciatingly slow at present and speed is more of a killer! So Guwahati Metro Rail project may bring a dash of hope for commuters.

According to experts the Guwahati city is not ready for a Metro Rail project as such. Reasons,

a) The unplanned city. The unplanned city is already a commuters nightmare.
b)The City is still to cross the 20 lacs population which is a basic requirement for metro projects.
But this problem can be solved by taking the suburbs of Guwahati main city areas, which will further increase the utility of Metro project.
c)The city may lack the number of commuters per minute to cover the cost of Metro Rail Project.
d)Biggest issue, can Guwahtai city take the load of  underground structure?

However pre-feasibility study is going on and we hope that we can soon boast of  Guwahati Metro Rail project in any form be it monorail or sky-rail though that seems too far-fetched.  The ambitious project is likely to start from 2015 according to Guwahati Development Department.

Although most people are sceptical in this regard, there is no doubt that we need better and rapid transport system. Public money should be spend wisely. The said project is worth 14000 crore and it should not be just an election propaganda.

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