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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Chandubi Festival Assam 2014 begins at the onset of New Year

The preparation to bid adieu to the old year and to welcome the New Year goes some extra mile in this part of the country; ie Assam. With ethnic diversity, natural beauty and lot more festivals to add colour to the canvass Assam is all geared up for some bumper festivities. With Guwahati Mahotsav, Ethinic Food Festival, North East Book Fair, Rastriya Hastatat Bastra Mela at hand and the Bhogali Bihu just round the corner people I think are spoilt for choice at this moment.  Chandubi Festival is one more feather to the cap of this festival loving Nation. If you are fond  of such festivals than you may enjoy this Chandubi Festival amidst Natures beauty and lots of fun and frolic.

Chandubi Festival History

As such the history of Chandubi Festival is not so ancient. But the Chandubi Lake itself is very important in history and geography of Assam. The lake is full of biodiversity ans it is very important for the ecosystem of this area. But the lake was not there from the creation. The lake was a creation of depression as a result of the Earthquake of 1879. As a proof , you may still locate some big trees in the lake.(As cited in Brief History of Assam book).

The Chandubi Festival is the result of effort of  the local people to preserve and conserve the biodiversity of the area surrounding Chandubi Lake among people. All Rabha Student Union, Rabha Women Forum  and some other local organization were the force to start this festival as a means to create awareness about biodiversity and the need to conserve the Lake.

The location of Chandubi festival is near Chandubi Lake Rangia in South Kamrup District.  It is roughly 40 kms from the Borjhar Airport Guwahati, Assam.

This year also from 1st Jan 2013 to 5th Jan you can visit the Cahndubi festival watch cultural shows, food fare and much more. By the don't forget to be aware of their motto of 'plastic free environment' and be a part of their effort to conserve biodiversity.

PS. Hope to post some pictures of Chandubi festial soon. Keep in Touch. I you liked this article feel free to post a comment.

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