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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Google celebrates Children's Day with a Doodle that represents Assam's Natural and Cultural beauty

This morning when I opened my browser I got pleasantly surprised as well confused with what  welcomed me. Over the years in any important day we just never forget to take a look how creatively Google has celebrated that day. Today,  I expected a nice doodle with a Children's day theme and wished to show it to my kids before day jump into the day's action. But all I could spot was a Bihu dancer holding a 'hkhorudoiya Zapi' a symbol often associated with Assamese honour, then I spoted a Gamosa, an One-horned rhino,  then a Tea bag labelled as TEA. I digged deep into the doodle and found that it is a doodle which won the Children day Doodle 4 Google painting competition " A place in India I wish to visit". Children's doodles have always been thought-provoking and mind-blowing so far.

Over the years we have never ceased to get pleased by anything good that is said about Assam in any media. Now this time it is a real bliss to find that Assam features as a dream destination  in the mind of kid from elsewhere than Assam. Assam with all its beauty and cultural heritage is not much explored as travel destination till now.  This Pune child who has created the Doodle has won the hearts!

I wish everyone a very Happy Children's day and thanks to Google!!

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