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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Majuli Tourism, Majuli as a tourist spot

As an important cultural destination of Assam Majuli is there with all its virgin beauty, unspoiled nature and best showcase  of Assamese village tradition. If you want a great experience of old world charms you can come to Majuli which is waiting to welcome you all the warmth of Majulials(majuli residents!). Majuli is the secod biggest river island in the world and it is perhaps you will find warmest of hearts when it comes to hospitality.

A bit geographical description for those who wants to go by facts first!
The second largest river island of the world, Majuli is a civil sub-division of Jorhat distrcit of Assam. The location of Majuli is like this. 20 km. away from Jorhat town of Assam. The total island area is 1250 sq km. Unfortunately the river Brahmaputra is not as kind as it should be and it is devouring a lot of land each year during rainyseason and hence reducing the total area of Majuli to 650 sq km.only as of now. Its length from east to west is about 90 km. and width from north to south is approximately 16 km.

The best part of Majuli as a tourist destination is not only the treasure house of  Assamese culture only. It is because Majuli is a pollution free fresh water island. The air as well water of the island is lifegiving for the people of Majuli island. Apart from surrounded by the mighty Brahmaputra from each direction Majuli is covered by other water bodies in most places and hence it is place of lakhs of migratory birds during winter.
It has been tried to bestow the revered status of a  World heritage site by UNESCO. Majuli still preserving nature at its best and colourful culture of Assam. The Vaishnavite culture which is basically nurtred and cultuted in Satras of Majuli are keping the flame alive in front of lots of odds.  

There are 25odd satras in Majuli, which are the brooding place of Vaishnavite culture in Assam. Among them Aoniaati, Kamalabari, Garmur remaining now in Dakhinpaat etc are more famous, as they were established by the gurus Srimanta Sankardeva. Apart from these prominent Satras there are others too which are promoting Vaishnavite religion and culture in Assam.

As a tourist spot Majuli ranks high because the though no Assamese village  of Assam now remain the same like the good old days but Majuli still keeping the old world charm alive by its work-culture. women can show you the best example of Assamese Tant-industry(handloom) in Assam. Women of Mishing tribe(their ethnic designs are unique and simply unmatched) and their unique designs in Ribi Gaseng now enhance chadar mekhela and other ethnic dresses of other tribes. You can buy best hand loom designs of Mishing tribes and Chadar Mekhelas at Majuli if you have a fetish for real ethnic designs.

Festivals in Majuli and best time to visit Majuli
Since Majuli is connected to Jorhat or nearest district North Lakhimpur by Watreway the best time to visit Majuli is from November to february. In november the satras in MAjuli observe the Ras Festival with great extravaganza. Here too all the costumes to be used in Ankia Bhaona and the assorted items are prepared by the local people of Majuli.
The time of Bihu festivals and Ali-Aye-Lrigang(of Mishing people) too is great for visiting Majuli. As this is time when you can watch the Bihu song and dance perfromances in most unadulterated way.

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