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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Assamese composer director Rupam Sharma's Oscar connection

Rupam Sharma   is nominated for Oscar award in 2011 for his documentary feature film 'In search of God'. This movie In search of God has bagged the award of Best Documentary film in the India Film Festival in Houston. So his work has already received an international recognition and he has created a platform for the rest of rest ie, to cut to nomination for Oscars.  Now the soundtrack and original scores of the movie In search of God is acquired by Oscar Library.

  • Story of Rupam's Film In search of God

The film, according to the musician himself is based on a true story. A young lady, Kavita, a graduate from a American MIT leads a life of unfulfilled materialism. Pursuing her spiritual quest he goes to Majuli, the river island and hub of Vaishnavite culture in Assam. This leads to her rendezvous with Ram, a young monk. This was a tryst with destiny and she finds herself a transformed person in later life.

  • The famous music of In search of God

Actually in the movie of Rupam Sharma "In search of God", a bunch of musicians across the globe. He has roped in to his film musicians from US(Alan Roy Scott), Israeli musician Baruch Friedland who sung a song and also written music for 'In search of God'.  He has work with Assamese folk artistes and also used Borgeet of Shakardeva in in the movie. Assamese singer composer Manash Borah aslo sung one song for the original score of the movie.

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