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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Assamese musician Rupam Sharma profile, Oscar nomination and more

It will be wrong to say that it is the fresh good news of the new year 2012 about Assam. It came during the last couple of days of the last year. Amidst the festivities of Christmas and new year preparation the great news of an Assamese director-turned composer Rupam Sharma getting an Oscar nomination came. It was actually music to the ears!
To be honest I never heard about the Assamese musician composer Rupam Sharma. So I researched a bit about him to bring out professional and personal details of Rupam Sharma.

Rupam Sharma got an Oscar nomination for his work and he would 'love' to bring the award to Assam. How he could reach such a great height. Was he working under cover till now? Did we ever come across his works in Assamese films or something related to Assam. These were the first wave of question came to my mind. But news were abuzz in our neighbour state for Rupam Sharma's works in Bengali movies, his collaborative works with other Bengali musicians etc.

Rupam Sharma's short profile

  • Birth place is Assam. He hails from Jorhat, the cultural capital of Assam and also the home for Satriya(Vaishnavite) culture in Assam. He is currently based in California. 
  • Rupam Has stated with music since his childhood, but hailing from a place like Assam he made sure that he studies well and make a livelihood first, than concentrate on music.   
  • So he studied Bachelor of Engineering in Assam Engineering College at Jorhat. And completed his B.E in 1992.
  • He is trained in Indian classical music. He is not only that, he is also a disciple of Western classical music and a trained pianist.
  • Rupam has composed music for a Bengali movie Sagar Kinare. And also presently working for another Bengali movie Alor Thikana.

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