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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Monsoon Thoughts in Assam, Kharisa and some sad news(demise of Dr Kabin Phukon sir)

The most awaited Assam visit came to an end at last when me and my family members ended up in the school auditorium-like Jorhat airport lounge on 15th of June. The flight was late and we could experience the heat of outside in the passenger lounge itself, because sadly there was no air-conditioner in the Jorhat Airport passenger lounge. The passenger of one flight was enough to pack the auditorium!

Anyways, the stay at Assam was more than pleasant.
Roads were ready with canopies of the full bloomed Krisnachuras(Golmohar?), Radhachuras, Sonaru and Ejar. The pre-monsoon was all set to make the way for monsoon. I felt that I had left the summer at Kolkata itself and wished that when I get back to Kolkata in the middle of June monsoon arrives there!  My kids had a blast of time with their cousins and grandparents. Some late Bogagi Biday functions had fulfilled my daughter's wish of attending some real Bihu Huncharis too. What can I wish more?

The season of Banhgaj and Kharisa has arrived too. Whoever has tasted this divine recipe of Banhgaj or Kharisa Achar can never exchange a bottle of  Kharisa with bhoot Jalokia with anything else. It is one of the  exotic preparation of Assamese cuisine. Bamboo shoots were collected in this season to preserve as Kharisa(which is used to prepare Assamese traditional dishes and also some assortment along with Assamese dishes). My sister-in laws packed some for me happily as I really relish Fish dishes made with Kharisa(bamboo shoot pickle).

Everything was fine except for the sad demise of our teacher Dr Kabin Phukon sir. No adjective is enough to describe Dr Phukon sir as a teacher, as a guiding force to Assamese language and literature and his command over English language and literature. The best aspect of dr Kabin Phukon sir was that when he spoke Assamese no one could smell that he is a noted scholar of English literature and a Professor of English in Dibrugarh University. An honest person, dedicated teacher and and a poet, litterateur Dr Phukon sir was inimitable. May his soul live peacefully in Heaven.

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