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Monday, April 25, 2011

New Assamese film You Are Not My Julie release date story and details

For the lovers of Assamese films here is a great news. That a new Assamese movie is on the pipeline, and that it will be a romance  flick and that it will be starred by the Assamese and Bollywood singing sensation Zubeen Garg. I guess this will be an overdose of good news for Zubeen fans actually! Here are the details!

Cast and crew of You are not My Julie 

 The film will be directed by M Maniram, for whom You are Not My Julie will be his debut film. according to the director of You Are Not my Julie, Zubeen Garg will play the lead role in both Assamese and Bengali version of the movie.

  You Are Not My Julie will be made in two languages, Assamese and Bengali imultaneously.  The story of You Are Not My Julie is written by the director M Maniram himself.

 In the Bengali version beautiful model turned actress Parijat Sengupta will play the lady love of Zubeen. For the Assamese language version Anushia Sorkar is playing the lead lady against Zubeen. So far, Zubeen has acted as a hero in Assamese film Tumi Mor Matho Mor, which was a smash hit because of the great songs.  Apart from this Zubeen Garg has appeared for a cameo in Hindi films like Gangster, Dum Maro Dum etc.

Producers of You are Not My Julie are Bhaskar Sharma and Assamese actor Nayan Nilim. Bhaskar Sharma on the banner of Aishani Film will be distribute the film in cinemas in Assam.

  You Are Not My Julie release date

The shooting of the new Assamese movie You Are Not y Julie has started from February 2011. The film will be released till the end of this year.

Music of You Are Not My Julie is composed my popular Assamese music composer Manas Robin.
As a romantic movie the songs of You are not my uile are expected to be very romantic and  beautifully picturised. Four songs are picturized in the beautiful locations of Goa, Laddakh and Shillong till now.

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