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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Assamese film stars(actresses) and Assamese films

If you have experienced the golden era of Assamese films and besotted by the Assamese beauties like Mridula Baruah, Bidya Rao, Ila Kakoti(Hazarika), Purabi Sharma, Moloya Goswami(National Award for best actress) etc than you probably still yearn to relive the golden era.

Assamese films like Ghar Sansar, Kokadeuta Nati aru Hati, Ajoli Nabaou, Pratima, Bowari etc still manage to rule the hearts of Assamese cinema lovers. With stories that close to viewers hearts, and lively performance of the actors and actresses these films still maintain their space in the heart of Assamese people.

Before this homely beauties like Mridula Barua, Moloya Goswami etc there were those classic beauties like Gyanoda Kakoti, Eva Achao, Binita Gohain(Chameli Memchab fame) etc whose ethereal beauty enthralled entire North east. And we can only salute Aideo Handique whose sacrifice of normal life could give birth to the first ever Assamese film Joymoti (produced and directed by Rup-konwer Jyotiprasad Agarwala). Joymoti, the legendary character of an Assamese aristocrate of the Ahom period  sacrificed her life to save her husband and would-be-King Gadadhor Singha. And to enact the physical torture that Joymoti had to undergo was actually performed on Aideo Handique who got deprived of a normal social life because of the incurable injury to her health and due to social stigma for appearing in a cinema in that age. People  who respect and love Assamese cinema should remain grateful to this Assamese lady.

Before the vaccum that is created by the lack of good crowd pullers like those mentioned above and also partly because of the advent of  VCRs  there were actresses like Rimjhim Barua, Madhurima Goswami, Nikumani Baruah. Nikumani Baruah  is  one of  best Assamese actresses who can perform in an  art film like Itihaas(by Dr Bhabendranath Saikia) and  a commercial film like Jowbane Amoni kare with equal ease. In fact she was the real crowd-puller of Jowbane Amoni Kare despite the beautiful and much younger  Bornali Pujari being the heroine. The new brigade  of Assamese actresses comprise of sassy beauties like Borosha Rani Bishoya, Jerifa Wahid, Prastuti Parasar, Gayotri Mahanta, Nishita Goswami, Bornali Pujari, Rimpi Das, Aimee Barua, Parinita(actress and singer)etc.

In the recent past Assamese Video films have been becoming more popular than Feature films. Huge cost invlved in  film making, lack of cinema halls and also perrhaps lack of good stories have bought Assamese film  industry  into a poor state. very good  actresses like Gayotri Mahanta has given the best of her career to such VCD films. Bihu-based theme and songs and low cost of film making have made VCD films very popular. But actresses like Gayotri Mahanta, Aimee Barua, Meghranjani, Shyamantika etc are bought to limelight through such VCD films and they could make their good impression.

Perhaps happy days of Assamese films are back again! After a long hiatus Assamese feature films are coming back to cinema halls. Starting with Achin Chinaki, Ramdhenu and of late Pale Pale Ure Man, Assamese film industry has started regaining its foothold among already lost audience(lost to Hindi and South Films ) . But with the popularity of easy song download through internet and mobile phones now Assamese films too are expected to keep pace with the other language films though not to Hindi Film Industry. In these films, especially in Pale Pale Ure Man by Timothy Hanche Das we could see another good Assamese actress Parinita who is also a very good singer.  Now this is time for three cheers for Assamese films, Assamese actors and actresses too!

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