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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bhupenda the identity of Assam

The Bard  is no more. The news really choked my throat for a moment. Then a sense of huge vaccum took charge. I could feel that lakhs of others who  loved the singer-poet, lyricist, musician, seer and philospher felt the same void. For any Assamese these also created a sense of insecurity. A few days back while Dr Bhupen hazarika was styruggling hard for life my husband told me that it will feel like there will be nothing left for us(for Assamese community) to look upto when Bhupenda will be no more.

 As lakhs of fans of Bhupenda prayed to God for recovery of Bhupenda I know that many were afraid to accept the reality. At 86 years with an ailing kidney the philantrophist and singer of mass was just seeking love and blessings from people. He was extremely optimistic and like Dr Homen Borgohain told somewhere Dr Hazarika was a soul of a child who always liked to be pampered. This was a major cause of  why he was so loved by people and also a cause of so much controversies in his lifetime, because he fell for love and adulation so easily.

 The prodigy he was, was never born to be confined in the North East, and the music world could sense it best. He created his identity with his unique baritone, extreme talent and his surreal melodies. His love for people and his personality were reflected best in his song  Manuhe manuhar babe. Following the footsteps of Jyotiprasad Agarwala and Bishnu Rabha, Bhupenda used his music to create the unique bond among the Assamese people which eradicated the differences among people and this was actually the bridge he created for Assamese people to reach the world.

Whenever I have introduced myself as Assamese there was a sense of pride that I hail from that Assam which produced Bhupen Hazarika. And I think this has worked to create a place for Assamese singers and artistes in the world of music. A person like Bhupenda comes in a century and and the bygone era was his. God knows whether anyone of his stature will born in Assam or not.

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