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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rongali Bihu pictures from Rang-ghar Bakori

      The most celebrated festival of Assam, that is Rangali Bihu or Bohag bihu has almost arrived. Most of the Assamese  people that are scattered around the globe have already started for Assam to spend the Bihu days with their near and dear one. Tomorrow is the first day of the seven-day extravaganza(that originally bihu was meant to be celebrated in the agri-centered society of our forefathers), that is celebrated as Garu Bihu. This bihu is to worship God for the purpose of well-being of the livestock.

Team representing different tribes of Assam in their unique traditional attire ready to perform.....

 I wish I could share some pictures of the garu bihu when cows and bulls were given a holy bath after giving them a once-only-a-year pack of 'ubtan' and chopped vegetables were thrown to them during bath. Nonetheless I have some great pictures of the Bihu celebrated in Ranghar (premise)Bakori of Sivasagar. This  reminisces of the bygone era of Ahom Kings where the Swargadews watched Bihu and Hunchari from the Rang-ghar.
These are the pictures of the Rangali Bihu first day celebration at Rang-Ghar last year.

 People are thronging at Rang-Ghar premise for the grand celebration.....

Hunchari with the iconic lamp and umbrella......

Image courtesy :Pictures taken in Rangali Bihu celebration at Rang-ghar by Prithviraj and Madhurya.

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