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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Assamese film 'Bankar Putek'

Latest Assamese movie Baankor Putek

The latest Assamese movie that could create some stir in audience is Baankor Putek(বাঁকৰ পুতেক). The movie is produced and directed by noted Assamese film director Chandra Mudoi who has delivered some Assamese hit films earlier like Maghat Mamonir Biya, Suren Chorar Putek etc. This new Assamese film Bankor Putek has both negative and positive feedback from audience.

About the Assamese film Baankor Putek

The film's script is credited to the director himself. But allegedly the film story is taken from a famous Assamese story Bank by noted Assamese writer Imran Hussain. ut sadly the film producers have not given credit to the original writer.

The film Baankor Putek has an impressive list of Assamese actors and actresses. Akashdeep, Angur Lata, Raag Oinitam, Amal Baruah, Hemen Baruah, Sudarshan Baruah etc. are giving their beest in this movie.

The film is produced by Amal Baruah on the banner of Amal Baruah films. 

Music of Baankor Putek Assamese movie

Film's music is created by Zubin Garg. Songs were sung by Zubin Garg, Torali Sharma and Priyanka Bharali.

The story of Baankor Putek

The storyline of the movie is based on a superstition that has been running in the Assamese society for ages that some kind of supernatural powers can kill people and possess the body of the dead person and live in human society as the person. The lead character in the movie Powal is killed by such a supernatural element which is known as Baank and then he starts living with  Powal's wife Padma. They had a child and the child is known as the son of the supernatural that is Baank. Throughout his life he has to face the ordeal of being suspected to be the son of  a supernatural. 

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