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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pilgrim's places in Assam: Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar location, histroy and significance

Dhekiakhowa Bor Namghar in Assam

Dhekia Khowa Bor Namghar image of Manikut

    If you visit Assam as a pilgrim's place or you want to see top religious places in Assam than Dhekiahkowa Bor Namghar is a must see in Jorhat District in Assam. Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar actually needs no description for those who believe in the spiritual gurus of Assam Shankardev and Madhavdev. But for those who are not aware about the Namghar, its establishment and location etc but want to explore it here is the details.

Dhekiakhowa Bor Namghar location, beliefs and devotees

                The namghar is located in Jothat district of Assam. The place is inevitably named after the Namghar itself. There is a lovely anecdote after the name of Dhekiakhowa namghar. Guru Madhavdeva after taking up the duty of reforming people and spreading the Ekasharan Nam Dharma came to stay in this small and very poor village. He took shelter for the night at the hut of an old woman, who served him a rice with Dhekia Saak (believed to be poor man's veggy, but a very popular and tasty one). The old woman was very embarrased to have served the Saint guru like this but he was immensely pleased by the dinner. So he started a namghar there and given the responsibility of kindling the earthen lamp to the old woman. That is why the namghar was later khown as Dhekia khowa namghar.

       The namghar is later called Bornamghar because of people's staunch faith it, it's popularily, and the number of devotees gather in the namghar everyday, especially during the sacred month of Bhado, for this month being the Death Anniversaries of both the gurus Shakardeva and Madhavdeva. Of course there are other anecdotes related to Dhekiakhowa Bor Namghar, to dig into history of the Dhekiakhowa Bor namghar you may like to visit the Namghar anytime.

If you happen to pass through the NH 37 during the month of August and September you will have a glimpse of popularity of the Dekhiakhowa Bornamghar. The namghar has been revamped several times and now the Namghar campus has turned into a spunkily decrated touristy place. The namghar is decorated with depictions of mythologies in the form of statues and that were part of the writings of the Gurus Shakardeva and Madhavdeva. And these are really very impressive and add beauty to the Namghar as a tourist place also.

Most of construction of the namghar are built from the money that devotees donate everyday. And some devotees have donated for some spectacular parts of the outer namghar like pillars etc.


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