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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What Kokrajhar is facing today can happen anywhere in Assam

What Kokrajhar is facing today can happen anywhere in Assam or in India for that matter. What happened already is fait accompli but Assam should make sure that it never happens again.

The different versions of interpretation of the root cause of the Violence in Kokrajhar district  have probably very little to do with it. What is more nerve wracking is real long long time that the central govt took to react and to ecognize the seriousness of the situation in Assam. Even the national media barring a few like are not seen to find enough materials in this stories to react.
The whole country was seen outraged in the public moslestation case of Guwahati but now the same media seem to be found somewhat reluctant. This type of crisis should immediately treated as a national crisis because in a country where there are so many communities, so many religions, so many castes and races are placed  in an interwoven fabric.

Illegal Migrants in Assam

Illegal migrants is sine qua non of the whole issue though it is not the issue which was the cause of the breaking up of the Kokrajhar violence. It is what fanned the issue to this proportion.  But many are still not in a position to call a spade a spade. Assam government as well as central govt which will never agree that there is any illegel migrant in Assam. Any sensible person who has a little respect to Assam and it's resources will be able to identify an illegal migrant, but Govt is still confused as how to identify an illegal migrant from our Indian  muslim citizens. Each an every time you pass by the Kaziranga National park by road you will notice the heart wrenching sight of mushrooming  habitats of such people. Media report has revealed that one Bangladeshi Foreign Secretary Mohammed Mirajul  has came over to Guwahati and what he comments on the Illegal Migrant issue is a shocker. He says that non of the Indian central govt and Assam state govt have ever brought the illegal Migrant issue to any of the bilateral talks so far. It shows how these two governments have been taking the illegal migrants issue.

Illegal migrants: what a common Assamese feel?

A couple of weeks back I have visited my hometowns at Sivasagar and Jorhat. What I do usually is to take a wholesome stroll across the towns whenever I have time enough. The books stores to check for new books and publications in Assam, the music stores to collect the music of the and and may be for some good Assam tea! This time while roaming around the Bisturam Barua hall in Jorhat town (now if you ask most people do not know what is Bisturam Baruah Hall, you have to say BB Hall!) I have noticed that most of the vendors and hawkers are suspicious looking and  to my surprise a group of shopkeepers just near the Shankar Puthighar in Jorhat were talking in strongly accented  language which is enough to guess where they are coming from. They are mostly selling cheap electronic goods. This was actually the proof of what I have learnt a few months back from news report that Jorhat accomodates the most number of illegal migrants.

However this does not mean that situation is any better in other districts in Assam that were famous for their resources. The state has been displaying this dirty picture nonchalantly for a long time now.


  1. Hi, your article about the violence in Kokrajhar is a must read article. It is an illegal migrant issue about which both the Central government and state government are unaware or do not want to pay attention. But this is also a humanatarian issue because people today are not behaving like human beings.


  2. @Sudarshana madam, thanks for getting the exact message I wanted to convey through this post. Whatever the root cause was, at the end of the day it is human beings that are suffering.

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  4. @Grand Master. Thanks for commenting, will visit your site soon.