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Monday, November 26, 2012

New Assamese film Duwar, cast, story, release date

A scene from Assamese film Duwar  releasing soon
The new Assamese film that is about to hit theatres in Assam is Duwar: the Voyage Out. This Assamese film is made by noted filmmaker, actor director Bidyut Chakraborty. Most probably after national award  winning movie Raag-Anurag, Duwar is Bidyut Chakraborty's next Assamese film after a long hibernation as a filmmaker.  According to the elated filmamker this project has been a longtime dream coming true now.
The film Duwar will be released in the first week of January 2013 according to press report.

Story and plot of the Assamese film Duwar

I have wathced the trailers of this movie Duwar which shows that this film's story  is a thoughtful one. The story of Duwar is based on a short story Bahiroloi Jowa Baat by noted author Apurba Sharma(1998). According to the filmmaker the plot of Duwar is based on the above mentioned story but story is developed to some extent to cater the need of the film.  The story is  based on student movement of Assam when a part of student fraternity becomes violent and as a result of it  at last the conviction of the protagonist.  Though the original story depicts only a state of mind of the protagonist, the film's plot is much of an outgoing type. And it depicts the mindset of common people during the turbulent time of Assam agitation.

The film is completed in all aspects including English subtitles. But due to lack of  free theatre screens this movie is postponed till  January next year.The film will be released in 40-50 halls  in Assam including Pune and Bangalore keeping in mind the Assamese viewers.

Actors and actresses in Duwar

The film has an impressive list of actors and actresses as well. Kapil Bora, Jerifa Wahid, Tanvi Bordoloi are in the lead roles of the film Duwar. The films music is given by Sher Choudhuri. Dwar is produced by Sanjiv Narain. It is  revealed also that the film's budget is almost 50 lakhs and shooting was started two years back in 2010. The shooting location was mostly Guwahati and Nameri.

Hope this will be another film by Biduyt Chakraborty which will win hearts as well as critical accolades.