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Monday, March 11, 2013

Assam Budget 2013-14 Features and highlights

After a series of drama and disharmony in the party and Assam Politics, Chief Minister of Assam Tarun Gogoi presents the Budget 2013-14 in the state Bidhansabha on March 11, 201 . The budget 2013-14 is a deficit budget to start with. The proposed Assam Budget for 2013-14 is worth 1352.57 crore.  Here are the highlights of Assam Budget 2013-14.

Key features of Assam state Budget 2013-14
  1. Targeted economic growth rate for 2013-14 is 8. and in the 12th Five year plan (2012-17)the growth rate will be 8.33.
  2. The budget is a deficit budget of 1352.57 crores.
  3. The estimated spending in this budget is 302002.02 Crores and estimated earning is 301180.12 Crore Rs.
  4. Tarun Goigoi insists on "infrastructure development like roads, bridges, hospitals, cold storages and a 6–lane bridge over the Brahmaputra."
  5. 600 corores to strengthen weak flood walls(mothauri)
  6. 50 number of low floor buses especially for women.
  7. Assam will get Metro train facilities in the coming years. The new Budget determines 1800 crores for Assam metro Rail Project in Guwahti.
  8. 2000 new Police constable job vacancy will be created to empower Assam Police. Along with this 3 new Police outpost and 51 job vacancies will be created.
  9. Lots of new schemes for Agriculture sector in Assam Budget 2013-14.
  10. Opposition leader Prafulla Mahanta calls this budget a dictation from World bank and Asian development bank.
  11. 344.75 crores for Boroland Territorial Council development.
  12. MLA fund increased to 1 crores Rs.
  13. For Garbage management 1440 crore is allotted.
Employment in Assam budget 2013-14
Fixed pay for ad-hoc employees will be increased from 4500 to 6000 Rs.
1500 Madhyamik (middle) school is registered as state government schools.
All the vacanies in Forest sector will be filled up.
More assistance for Self help groups.
2000 New posts in Assam Police.
Coaching center for training unployed youths in Assam for the purpose of Indian Army, Indian Airforce, and Navvy, CRPF and para-millitary forces etc.

Health sector in Assam Budget 2013-14

  1. Borpeta medical college will get MRI machines and  budget is allotting 8 crores for this purpose.
  2. A new cancer Hospital in Guwahati with 200 beds.
  3. Dhubri, Nagaon,Lakhimpur, Kokrajhar will get new  Medical colleges each.
  4. A health management and Research Institute in Assam.
Education in Assam budget 2013-14
  1. For development of infrastructure Budget allots 1000 Crores for State universities and colleges.
  2. B.Sc Nursing college in Silchar and Dibrugarh in Assam.
  3. Indira Giswami Chair in Guwahati University.
  4. Furniture for Colleges.
  5. New buildings for schools and colleges that more than 50 years old.
  6. Two new Army Schools

Price rise effect after Assam budget 2013-14

After budget construction material will become pricier. Import tax is increased for Brick, Granite, decorative slabs, Marble, furniture, Bathroom furnishing , hence these will be costlier. Cost of per piece brick will increased from 6 to Rs 12 from April.

Agriculture and others Assam budget 2013-14

150 core for establishing 30 cold storage.
Each family will get a bank account.
Increase in senior citizen pension from 250 to 500 Rs for citizens who are above 80 years of age..
200 Oil mill and 500 pulses processing units.
100 veterinary hospitals and dispensaries will be established.
The overall Assam budget 2013-14 analysis shows projects itself as a hopeful budget although there is lots of criticism for it from economist and opposition.. Targeted development rate of 8.33% has raised eyebrows as the the overall development rate in India is only 6%.  However, the success of the budget depends on its implementation only and the govt has to prove it ultimately

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