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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Assamese new film Bandhon cast, story, details and awards

Bandhon- Assamese movie

A tentative poster
of Bandhon before
Ace Assamese director Jahnu Baruah  creates impact with each and every venture he is related to. He has won several national awards in the past and so nobody is wrong when they expected a prize for Jahnu Baruah's latest Assamese film Bandhon. Bandhon means 'the bond' in Assamese language. Bandhon was made in the year 2012. But perhaps the film is yet to be released in theaters in Assam or in anywhere. But the film Bandhon was screened at Goa International Film Festival and in Chennai International Film Festival as well. And it is known that everywhere the film was screened it was well-accepted by the audience and critics equally.

Story of Bandhon
Story of Bandhon was based on the happenings of 26-11 in Mumbai.  The terrorist attack on Taj and in other parts of Mumbai make the backdrop of the movie and the story revolves arround it is an intense emotional drama.

The actors and actresses in Bandhon is a mix of talented, new and veteran  bunch of Assamese actors who have great faith on Jahnu baruah as a Film maker. There are Bishnu Khargharia, Jatin Borah, Jerifa Wahid etc. All of them are great actors.

Bandhon wins national Award

Bandhon has been able to gather great critical acclain in film festivals and this National award has sealed this fact that Bandhon is a great Assamese Film. The film has received Rajat Kamal award. Besides, Bishnu Khargharia(presently working on the Assamese Teleserial Mimansa, as protagonist) was given the award of Jury's Special Award for Best Acting. In a recent TV interview Bishnu Khargharia expresses his happiness on receiving the award  but he says that as actor award was never his  priority.

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