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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Arnab Goswami Interviewed in an Assamese news channel

Arnab Goswami picture from Wikipedia
It was a chance encounter will Arnab Goswami for me, when the heartthrob of newsland was interviewed by a regional News Channel last week. Yes, it was a much awaited interview, I would say.  Because many would wonder whether Arnab Goswami is an Assamese or guy from Assam as characteristically Assamese people are less outspoken and more soft-spoken. And this news reader who is dominating the news prime-time  for a few years now is famous for his fierce and passionate attitude towards those whom he choose to talk to in the News Hour.

  The  aggression, the wit and humour,  the energy level he brings to the News Hour is unbelievable and only a fool will deny the charisma of this young news maker. And his famous 'the nation wants to know'... becomes the unofficial tagline of the New hour show.

  So, coming to the point, Arnab Goswami got interviewed by an Assamese News Channel. The Interviewer was Syed Zarir Hussain  Managing Editor of News Live TVChannel of Assam. A regular interview it was, though missing the energy to match with Arnab Goswami, the interviewer was quite at ease with the ace. In fact I liked many a points that he raised. Arnab Goswami in turn was fully cooperative, revealing details of his life in the journalist career, tit bits etc, his experience and the mantra to rise high in this field of journalism. He delighted the viewers with his usual shy smile. But the interviewer was seen overtaken by the interviewee.

In an advice to the upcoming journalists TV reporters who wants to make it big in the industry Arnab suggested to give the best in whatever level one works in, be it reporter or news reader. He said that he has started his career as a reporter only and he uses this fact to motivate the reporters of his channel(Times Now). In his career he and his Channel has achieved several awards and he has delivered lectures at international institutes in other countries but the the experience of working in grass-root level in any field is unmatchable for career growth and success.

In the interview Arnab Goswami acknowledged that National news channel heavily rely on regional news channels to cover important regional news since it is not possible for Natiopnal news channels to visit the spots in remote areas and show visuals readily unlike the regional ones. One great piece of advice from Arnab Goswami was that even there are tremendous pressure regional news channels should show more of Assamese or regional books, writers and publications. This will be of great benefit for the region. This was a very good suggestion and it is expected that more news or shows dealing with writers, books and publications will soon make their way to the programme schedules.

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