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Sunday, April 7, 2013

TET exam in Assam for Secondary Teacher recruitment

Health and Education Minister Dr Himanta Bishwa Sharma announced in an interview that TET for Secondary and Sr Secondary  level shortly. This will be a first in this country. Since TET exam is only conducted for recruitment of  elementary and  middle school level till now. Dr Sharma amidst lots of controversies declared that 500 new secondary schools will be established in Assam and some middle schools will be upgraded to secondary school.
So this will create huge employment/job opportunities in Assam in near future. The date and schedule of Secondary TET exam in Assam is yet to be announced but the news of announcement has created hope and positive atmosphere.

If you believe recent news on Teacher Recruitment in Assam you will notice that there are some dichotomies in the employment scene. Teachers recruited through previous schemes are not getting regular salary as news reports and other news shows. But Teachers recruited through  TET exam are getting regular salary till now.  It this is the case than the expected growth and success will not be achieved in Assam education. However regular TET exam and recruitment has brought a fresh air in the employment scenario in Assam and now perhaps students in remote areas will be motivated for proper studies since 'job for money'(bribe) will soon be history and education will get its due.

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