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Friday, April 12, 2013

Wishing a very Happy Rongali(Bohag) Bihu to Online Assam Readers

The Cuckoo(Kuli) has been calling relentlessly and inviting everyone who is too busy to handle  mundane and not looking forward to welcome our Bapoti-hahon Rongali Bihu. Its time to reunite, its time to enjoy Bihu and usher the best time of the year by celebrating Bohag Bihu, the new year in Assamese calendar, 1935 Shaka.  Lets celebrate the Bohag Bihu with all the special arrangements that we have been doing since time immemorial... My Bohag Bihu wishes to all my readers.

চ'তে গৈয়ে গৈয়ে ব'হাগে পালেহি
ফুলিলে ভেবেলী লতা ।
কৈনো কৈ থাকোতে ওৰকে নপৰে
আমাৰে বিহুৰে কথা ।।

ব'হাগ যে আহি আমাৰ পদূলিত !
ঢোলে ডগৰে, পিঠাই পনাই, বিহুৱানে,
আৰু অকনমান হিয়াৰ মৰমেৰে
বিহুৰ ওলগ যাচিলো !

"Happy Bohag Bihu"

Bihu Wishes for your dear Ones

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