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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Zubin Garg, Bohag Bihu and Assamese culture

Happily this time  Bihu was more enjoyable with all the live Bihu prgram courtesy satellite TV channels in Assam like News Live, New Time, Prag, NE TV etc. Bihu festivities were telecasted with full vigor at least some 10 days prior to Bihu and till now. And we could n't have asked more!

The best thing was that 'Bihutali'es were telecasted with live program of  Zubin Garg,
sensational Priyanka Bharali, Jeena Rajkumari(one of best singer when it comes to authentic and traditional Bihu songs, with a unique melodious  voice quality, wish to write more about her in future), Angarag Mahanta, Krishnamani Chutia, Simanta Sekhar etc. The worst thing was mostly all channel telecast the same program simultaneously. For example if Jubin Garg was singing at Bamunimoidam, it was aired in almost all the channels at the same time. But channels could have done better and one channel could choose one Bihutali at a time. This would be better viewer experience. Anyway, there was more thing which bothered and marred the unadulterated mirth of Bihu festival. This was  ULFA's appeal cum warning to Jubin Garg to stay away from signing Hindi songs during Bihu. The appeal comes when Zubin sang his super-hit numbers like 'Ya-Ali' and 'Bawarah man'. Surprsingly 'concerned and sensitive' persons holding higher position in society came forward against Jubin Garg, forgot everything else and joined Jubin-bashing. Who are still not aware that throughout the year our school kids studying in reputed schools talk Hindi with peers even at playground, they watch uninterrupted Hindi films and Cartoons for hours, kids from Assam do well in dance really shows in Mumbai and kid girls gyrates in tunes of 'Sheela ki jawani'  front of judges in auditions of such reality shows, and just a few days before  youngsters celebrate Holi in the beats of Hindi songs in the heart of Guwahati more illustriously than even the people in Hindi Zone who ushered the new Year.

 These people also seem to forgot that though singing a Hindi film song cannot be the highest degree of a singer's achievement, the songs Zubin chose to sing were two of his great songs which impressed music lovers across the globe. One thing I must appreciate in Jubin Garg when he says that why can't we invite Punjabi, Rajasthani traditional musicians to perform in Assam during Bihu and make a cultural exchange happen.

Moreover this is time perhaps when we should  project our culture more in National and international level. Assamese people will definitely celebrate Bihu wherever they live. But we should made others aware  about our beautiful, unique, diverse as well as balanced culture. Music maestro like Bhupen Hazarika has established Assam and Assamese culture in the world cultural map by his unique ability to absorb the best in every culture and giving back. Should we steer along that way or start stepping back?

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