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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life and contribution of Hema Bharali: Dedicated to National integration and rare values

Hema Bharali image courtesy "The Hindu"
Hema Bharali is not a celeb in the regular way.  I’m not sure how many are aware of Hema Bharali and her works (read contribution to the society). She does not appear frequently in the silver screen to promote her work or to  grab the limelight. But I am sure if she did she would have inspired thousand others to follow her footsteps. In the tightrope of day to day life we may forget to think about the greater cause of humanity, but this woman is a paragon of selfless service to unprivileged ones. 

Hema Bharali, a nanogenerean now, has devoted her  life  for the greater  cause of humanity. She is a Sarvodaya activist  and for her great work to promote peace in society she was conferred the award of National Communal Harmony Award in the year 2011. For her communal harmony can be achieved through community based approach.  Showing an unprecedented example herself she says that each individual should take responsibility in a society and she insists on the fact that government is also created by people.

Life and work of Hema Bharali

I came across Hema Bharali’s contribution while reading about the National Communal Harmony Award 2006. Also In the year 2009 she was conferred the Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Memorial Award for National integration. She receives the  Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Memorial Award along with noted writer, journalist M.J Akbar(2008). Prime Minster Man Mohan Singh called her work as selfless service to the downtrodden. Madam Hema Bharali’s contribution was also recognized by the Government of India by giving a Padma  Shree Awars way back in 2006.

Hema Bharali was an active freedom fighter and a fighter throughout her life.  Born in February 1919, she was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s ideologies from the childhood itself and later associated herself  with Acharya Vinoa Bhave’s Bhoodan  movement. She worked for rural development, Basis education for all, towards National integration and also social discrimination and injustice.  She was also an exponent of Women empowerment.  

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