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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rodor Chithi latest Assamese film on the floor, cast, crew and release

     Assamese film industry after good gap of few years have been showing sign of good health and it should continue it. Assamese cine-goers are treated with frequent releases though each of them are not  critically acclaimed  barring a few serious movies.
Zubin Garg in Rodor Chithi, Image courtesy Baharul Islam
It has been a while the news about Assamese film Rodor Chithi has been doing rounds through media. But no concrete detail about the story, cast and crew of the movie Rodor Chithi are found from  any reliable source. After Ramdhenu revived

A couple of days before noted Assamese film actor, theatre personality and founder of  'Seagul' Baharul Islam   officially reveal the facts about the upcoming Assamese movie Rodor Chithi.  In fact Baharul sir happens to be the director of the movie. He says that the movie will be  a musical kind of movie and two renowned Assamese singers will be seen in the movie Rodor Chithi in two meaty and important roles.

Story, Cast and crew of Rodor Chithi

Rodor Chithi, the lyrical title of the movie itself is humming the fact that the story will be kind of poetic one. Renowned singer Zubin Garg is doing the lead role in the movie along with Angarag Mahanta(yes, read it correct). The lead woman is none other that talented actress Bhagirathi. As per the story goes, Angarag Mahanta has played the love interest of Bhagirathi. Question may be asked will these famous singers of  Bollywood and Assamese music industry Angarag and Zubin share screen space. But one is not sure of it. We can at best hope these two popular singers in the same frame even for a short while.

Zubin Garg has composed music directed it as well for the film. The film is produced by 'Alternative Cinematic', a Guwahati based production house. The film is expected to hit the big screen in the month of  October this year. Well, since Assamese films like Bandhon is screened not only in film festivals but also PVRs in New Delhi and Bangalore as well we can expect Rodor Chithi to have a pan India release! All the best for the Rodor Chithi.

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